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Suggestion to Parents
Parents and Guardians would do well to call on the Principal at his/her leisure hours at least once in a term to get information regarding their children and do the need full in time. 

The Co-operation of parents in all the affairs of the college ensures the best conduct of the college.



(a) The Parents/Guardians of all the students on the rolls of the College during a year shall be eligible to be members of the Assosiation.
(b) Every member shall pay an annual membership fee of ` 10 (Ten) to the Association.
(c) When a student is removed from the rolls of the College, the Parent/Guardian of the student shall ipso facto case to be a member of the Association.
(d) The Principal and the other members of the teaching staff shall ipso facto be members of the Association.

(a) The Administration of the Association shall vest in an Executive Committee, hereinafter referred to as the committee, elected for the purpose.
(b) The Committee shall consist of:

(i) A President – Ex-officio (Principal)
(ii) A Vice-President – Elected from among the Members of the Parents or Guardian
(iii) Secretary – Teaching Staff
Not more than 8 other members of which at least 4 shall represent the Parents/Guardians and 4 the teaching staff.

(c) The term of Office of the committee shall be for a period of one year (the year for the purpose shall be the calendar year).
(d) A Committee once elected shall continue to hold office till the end of the calendar year or a new Committee assumes charge, whichever is later.

Powers and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
Subject to the approval of the General Body of the Association, the Committee shall have the following powers:-
(a) To manage all affairs of the Association, to incur and meet all necessary expenses and do all such acts as are not inconsistent with these rules.
(b) To enlist members.
(c) To hold meeting of the Committee at least once in a term or when deemed necessary.
(d) To periodically check the registers and the other records of the Association and to scrutinise fee statement of accounts.
(e) To scrutinise the annual report, the audited statement of accounts for the year and for the ensuing year to be placed before the general body.
(f) To impliment all decisions taken by the General Body.
(g) To suggest amendments to any of the existing rules and to frame new rules for consideration of General Body.
(h) To fill up any casual vacancy in the committee by co-option. To form sub-committees for specific purposes.